Thursday, July 2, 2009

Heber Springs with our neighbors!

Our family went to Heber Springs one more time with our Sears 9' x 18' tent. It was a July 4th weekend and we were with our next door neighbors. We had just set up our camp with two tents and was getting settled in for the day. I had put the boat in the water and we had taken a few turns on the ski's and was back at camp relaxing when a wind storm came up. All a once we were fighting to keep the tents from being blown away. After securing everything, we discover that the boat had been swamped down on the lake. I had parked it nosed in to the shore and the waves had come over the back. All our gear was in the lake and the boat was full of water next to the bank. How were we going to get it out??? We decided to back the trailer down and hook onto it and try to pull it out, bailing the water as we tried to wench it out. After about 30 minutes, we managed get it back on the trailer and back up to the campsite. After taking everything loose and drying out the motor, we were able to get it started the next day.
It took a couple of days for the wind to settle down, but we were able to get our sking in and had a good time. Our neighbors had gone home and we had to put all the gear in the boat when we left a couple of days later. On the way, we had a blow-out on a boat tire because of the extra weight. This was our last trip with a was time for a up-grade. We located and purchased a used tent trailer.


  1. There you are. I've missed your misadventures. Somehow, tents give you memorable trips and I still use one. While campers are wonderful, I only think I am "camping out" when in a tent. Suffering adds to the mystique. Of course I make sure someone I know is next to me in a grand RV with running water and toilet. Keep those stories coming.

  2. Hi Patty, thanks for your comments. I have been gone a while, but have been working on another site. My profile has changed to "Key Bunch'. I have been enjoying your daily posts. Arkie38